US.VOTE is Committed to Voter Outreach and Engagement

Your donation will help us provide guidance to voters on their path to voting.

US.VOTE is Committed to Voter Outreach and Engagement image


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Your donation will help us provide guidance to voters on their path to voting.

US.VOTE navigates "Can I Vote If...?" and "How to Vote in America" Challenges

In a nation like the United States that prides itself on democracy, the voting process can appear bewildering to those who have never been guided through it. We understand that voters need to be informed about the resources available to them and are proud to launch US.VOTE to help tackle the complexity of voting in America.

US.VOTE is an initiative of U.S. Vote Foundation, dedicated to voter outreach and engagement. US.VOTE will assist voters who find themselves in difficult situations and help them navigate their voter journey.

Our first campaign is called YES, which stands for "Your Eligible Situations." YES demonstrates to voters that no matter your current situation, you have the ability to vote. YES takes the viewer through real-life accounts of voters who were able to overcome challenging situations to cast their ballot. With the assistance of services provided by U.S. Vote Foundation, you never have to miss an election, regardless of what situation you find yourself in on or before Election Day.

US.VOTE is committed to empowering voters, not only by providing answers but also by simplifying the entire voting process, ensuring that every eligible citizen can confidently exercise their fundamental right to vote. Launching US.VOTE marks the beginning of a new journey, with further developments in the pipeline to make voting accessible to all. We need your support to help us make this new outreach effort successful!

With donations from voters like you, we can reach more US citizens and help each one to become a voter.

We truly appreciate your contribution and support!

Your tax-deductible offering will help us continue our mission of making sure Every Citizen is a Voter. Thank you!

U.S. Vote Foundation (US Vote) is a non-profit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to assisting U.S. citizens and uniformed services members and their families to register and request their ballots from anywhere in the world. and Overseas Vote are initiatives of U.S. Vote Foundation. Your support is deeply appreciated.